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Summer Camp at Camp Comer, Alabama


Comer Group PhotoCamp Comer LakeCamp ComerCamp Comer 2Sumer Camp 103 2016



Cumberland Island 3Backpacking Trip 2015


Silver Comet Trail


Silver Comet 2


Webelos 2 Sweetwater Creek Campout


Webelos 2Sweetwater creek 8 Sweetwater Greek 13

    Family Camp, Black Rock Mountain, GA


11921890_10153202620463040_6380914791985880813_n 11904659_10153202618123040_3836863741509591236_n 11921777_10153202611658040_7240606961713755430_n 11921670_10153202619413040_885580436608999691_n 11916104_10153202610828040_1691261660449113823_n 11905387_10153202611728040_1912456014504826592_n   11898852_10153202618758040_7702647491560570524_n  11892107_10153202615848040_2675482254094454112_n  11892264_10153202619103040_7168182725073748370_n 11222648_10153202614638040_3969121687057924190_n  11947611_10153202618478040_7270283141891100187_n   10985402_10153202615893040_7797675823477027645_n

Summer Camp at Woodroof Scout Camp, GA 


groupphoto summer camp Woodruff2 Woodruff1Woodruff5

Florida Sea Base


Florida Seabase 5 Florida Seabase 6 Florida Seabase 4 Florida Seabase 3 Florida Sea Base1 Florida Seabase 10 Florida Seabase 8 florida Seabase 7 Florida Seabase 12 Florida Seabase 2

                          Okeefenokee Swamp Canoeing



                                Providence Canyon, GA


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